Why “Sincerely, Tamaria”?

Dear Reader,

Welcome!  Let me tell you a little story about the history of this blog.

It was tempting to name this blog, “Sincerely, Tammy.”  In fact, when I first had the idea for the name, I assumed it would be Tammy, my nickname, and not Tamaria, my birth name.  Most people know me as Tammy because that’s how I’ve introduced myself.  It’s the assumption I make whenever I meet someone new – I assume Tammy is easier for others to pronounce, spell, and remember.  It’s not because I don’t like my full name – I actually really like it.  I introduce myself as Tammy because I automatically think I have to change myself in order to make it easier for others to accept who I am.  I think of it as being helpful – I didn’t want to inconvenience others by having to spell it, repeat it because they didn’t understand, or judge it because it’s so unique.

But the more I thought about it, the more I questioned why I made that assumption.  I think while it’s not a big deal, it also speaks to my tendency to be a people-pleaser and desire to be liked or admired by others – therefore hiding or shying away from parts of who I am or sharing my thoughts.  And I think that speaks to why it’s been so hard for me to bring myself to continue blogging in this post-college season of life even though I’d been “blogging” since the days of Xanga in middle school/high school.  The blogging world has changed a lot – it’s much more prominent, and everyone has their opinions of what makes a blog successful.  I keep reading things like, ‘You have to find your niche,’ or, ‘You have to think about reaching a specific audience,’ and so on.  I hesitated to continue blogging because I didn’t feel like I could strive for the way other bloggers found success.  All of these “requirements” seemed to have raised the standard for blogging, and all of it has made me more nervous about posting.

I don’t have a specific niche.  I’m a jill-of-all-trades of sorts, but don’t feel like I have one particular passion or expertise.  I’m also not looking to make money or to be popular or help any particular group of people.  I’m hoping that by sharing about my life, stories, and sources of inspiration, it’ll help me process this life and share it with others.  And if it helps you, too, then bonus sprinkles for everyone!

So here’s a sampling of what you may find on this blog:

  • Food.  I. Love. Food.  I enjoy cooking, love baking, and chase after new food experiences.  My best vacations usually revolve first and foremost around local food.  So I love sharing my recommendations, experiences, and attempts.
  • Creations.  I like making things – all sorts of things.  I dabble with food, DIY projects, hand lettering, snail mail, crocheting, doodling, and other things.  My imagination can be a very active engine, if I keep using it.
  • Reflections.  I like using this space to process things.  I obviously won’t share every private thought or share every story (there is such thing as healthy boundaries, you know), but I want this to be a space where I can be vulnerable.  I think there isn’t enough vulnerability among my broader community in the social media world.  Vulnerability erodes the envy and jealousy we often accidentally create through our social media image and reminds us that we are just like everyone else.
  • Life adventures.  I have a little family that consists of my husband Nathan and baby girl Isabel, so that’s an adventure in and of itself.  Nathan he loves traveling and exploring, as do I – as long as I have time when I can be a homebody for a while.  I’d love for this to be a place where I can document adventures of life.
  • Stories & People.  I honestly believe our lives are woven like stories and that relationships make the best characters.  We learn a lot from people and experience our lives through stories – so why not share the ones that intersect with mine here?

I’ve decided that it’s high time I care less about what people think.  I want to share who I am because I believe I have something of value to offer and that some of you may identify with me – just by being me.  It’s always been harder for me to express myself in person, and this blog is a way I can express myself more readily.

Thus, the name, “Sincerely, Tamaria.”  It’s unique, it’s authentic, it’s on my birth certificate.  It’s often how I sign snail mail.  It’s beautiful because it’s who God is shaping me to be, and I am embracing the fullness of who I am – no more compromising for others.  This is sincerely me.

Thanks for reading.  I hope you find something of interest to you or something you identify with.  If so, please feel free to comment or message me at sincerely.tamaria@gmail.com.  If not, no worries!  Peace out, cub scout.




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