Seasonal dieting?

While I have not yet written about the reasons, Nathan and I hIMG_3446ave recently been challenged to grow in our habits, practices, and values around the sources and quality of the food we eat and cook.  And one of the ramifications we’ve started thinking about and moving more towards is a practice of eating foods in season.

There are a lot of reasons to eat foods in season.  One of the main reasons Nathan and I want to is because it allows us to more readily support local farmers who try to grow food with farming practices that care for the quality of the crops and quality of the environment those crops are grown in.  Plus, the minimal need for packaging or transportation can help minimize our harmful impact on the environment.

That being said, what better way to go further into “seasonal dieting” (a term I completely made up, though according to Google it looks like I’m not the first to think of it) in the summer than to pick berries at a local farm??

Nathan and I have been traveling around a lot this summer (what else is new, I guess), but I was intentional about making time to pick berries because of the immense benefits for everyone, as well as what fun it is to do it especially in thIMG_3451e summer.

Of course, it also brings me a heavy dose of nostalgia because the first time I ever went raspberry picking (I only ever went blueberry, apple, or strawberry picking in my life) was with Nathan during our honeymoon.  We basically ate raspberries that entire week and only almost got sick of them.

And what we discovered when we went out to G and S Orchards was that they had YELLOW raspberries available for us to pick!  I mean, who knew that these beautiful, tasty things existed??  Surely not I, said the Tamaria.

So now, not only was I excited to support our local farmers, have fun picking berries, prevent a little further harm on the environment, and feed myself some nutritious, delightful food – but I now had an exciting new fruit to learn about and take colorful photos!


See?  Win-win-wins all around for everybody!


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