Ice Cream Sammiches

Is there anything that can be better than homemade ice cream?  Yes.  The answer is homemade ice cream sandwiches.  But could there be anything better than homemade ice cream sandwiches?  YES.  The answer is homemade ice cream sandwiches with homemade ice cream AND homemade cookies.IMG_1583

Indeed, I have tackled what should be considered an event in the Food Olympics.  If there was such thing as the Food Olympics.  The Food Olympics should totally become a real thing.  Maybe with a classier name, like ‘Culinary Olympics,’ this dream could come true.

But I digress.  Back to the homemade ice cream sandwiches.

Nathan and I wanted a really special dessert for our Fr-Easter potluck.  This was the feast of all feasts, for goodness’ sake!  We had to go all out.

Now, Nathan loves my coffee ice cream, and we wanted to use two different kinds of cookies, so I decided to make homemade coffee ice cream and homemade peppermint ice cream, as well as a chocolate chip cookie and double chocolate chip cookie to create 4 different kinds of ice cream sandwich combinations.  I love having options for guests.

I used Ben & Jerry’s ice cream recipes for both the coffee ice cream and the peppermint ice cream, and opted not to put any extra mix-ins per Nathan’s suggestion because there would be chocolate chunks in the cookies.  I looked on Pinterest for the chocolate chip cookies and double chocolate chip cookies, because I wasn’t sure if how the texture of the cookies needed to be a certain way to freeze well.  So I looked for cookie recipes that were specifically for making ice cream sandwiches.  I think any cookie recipe will be fine, as long as they’re not crispy and you slightly under-bake them.  But these were perfect.  You can find the recipes here and here.


Now, there’s a reason why I say I tackled what should be considered an event in the Culinary Olympics.  The ice creams alone took a couple of days because I could only make a quart in my ice cream maker and have to re-freeze the bowl completely after each use.  And then I doubled the recipe for the cookies, so with making two different ice creams, two different cookies, and putting together 4 different kinds of ice cream sandwiches, it became a WHOLE day ordeal.

But it was so worth it.

[Not pictured – coffee ice cream sandwiches!]
Everyone LOVED their ice cream sandwiches.  And it turns out, I had made so many that we had ice cream sandwiches for days.  What a delightful treat that I will probably not make again for a very long time.  It was a perfect way to celebrate the transition from Lent to Easter.



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