Having housemates.

I am married and live with my husband along with 5 other housemates and one more on the way.

GrandAveChristmasPics-6No, they are not our children.  They are working young adults, out of college and looking to make a difference in the world.  They believe in the idea that we don’t necessarily need to be independent in every way; that we could – and probably should – learn to share more things with each other.  They believe in the hopes that creating a home that shares some big stuff, learning to live together, and being present in our neighborhood, that God’s kingdom could be brought a little closer to this part of Rochester.

Most people think we’re crazy.  I definitely thought it was a crazy idea my crazy husband had.  I was worried about all of the changes and all of the people everywhere and all of the unpredictability all the time.  I thought it’d all drive me up a wall and I’d have meltdowns all the time.

Talk about a drama queen.

No, but I really worried about these things.  However, I try to stay true to my principles more than my wishy-washy feelings, and therefore I couldn’t say I didn’t like it until I tried it.  So we did.

And hey, you know what?  It’s not so bad.

I mean of course, there are times and days where I wish things would be cleaner or neater, or if people could live like me, or…something.  But then it strikes me that perhaps this whole living in the same house thing is helpful for my process of sanctification.

It’s not easy, for sure.  And this situation I’m sure works a bit because we all have very different kinds of jobs that allow us to have different schedules so we’re not all trying to cram into the shower at the same time.  There are sacrifices to make, and things to learn.  But I definitely appreciate my housemates and the goals we’re hoping to accomplish by learning to love and serve each other as we learn to love and serve our neighbors side by side.

And hey, when I think about our daily lives and the living situation we’re in and the people living in the house, I think – man, it could be a lot worse.

But it isn’t.


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