Meet the new housemate.

I think the idea of getting a pet bunny rabbit came to me when I was meeting with some of my students last summer.  We were video chatting at the end of our meeting when one of my student’s family members handed him one of his pet baby bunnies to hold.  I thought it was the cutest thing, and the idea was planted of wondering what it would be like to get a bunny.

It was an idea for a number of reasons:

1) Transitioning to Rochester with no friends was a little tough.  So bunnies got me thinking about how they’d be good “listeners” and good company as I learned to foster friendships in this new city.

2) I didn’t seem to be a dog person or a cat person.  From the dogs I encountered, most of them seemed to have too much energy for someone like me.  And cats didn’t seem very interested and perhaps too independent for me.

3) My parents had bunnies.  I didn’t have pets growing up because the bunnies had died when I was one year old, but I knew they had Charcoal and Ebony for a long time (10 years, perhaps?).  I had heard a few stories about what it was like to have bunnies, and even if I knew nothing about raising bunnies, I could potentially ask my parents for advice.

I let the idea grow on me over the next year.  We were still in our apartment, and I had read that we weren’t really allowed to have pets unless we paid a fee, and I wasn’t necessarily willing to do that yet.  I also wanted to make sure I didn’t just want a bunny because I felt lonely.  So I began to do a little research, which piqued my interest more, which led to more research.

By the time we bought our house and started settling in, I was still excited by the thought of getting a bunny.  I was doing much better in the friendship realm, and our community in Rochester was growing and developing and had lots of potential.  So after some conversations over this whole period of time, Nathan and I agreed to adopt a bunny.


So here she is!  Meet Jayne Heyre.


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