Drawing with Jesus.


I have taken up a little bit of drawing recently as a way of spending time with Jesus, praying, and expressing my thoughts or feelings.  I guess it was inspired from this one time when I was at an IV staff training retreat where one of my colleagues was painting during free time and invited me to join her.  I decided to take up a canvas and do it as an exercise of not planning – just painting one thing from whatever came from my head and letting that dictate what would happen next.  It was an alternative to trying to envision a piece to its entirety and planning out every single stroke and color to meet my expectations.  It was hard, but it was liberating.


Then, during the season of Lent, in attempts to develop a more faithful prayer life and time set apart for confession, I tried incorporating some creative aspects and let myself draw once in a while instead of write like I normally do.  It gave me the freedom to do something while I prayed and reflected, while not feeling pressure to come up with the right words to write in my prayer journal.


Now, there are some things to take note of as you look at these drawings:  1) I don’t consider myself an artist, 2) I’ve never taken any real art classes, and 3) I made these for myself and not for other people.  It’s nice to not feel any pressure from being judged or critiqued because I’m not trying to be professional, I’m not expecting myself to meet rudimentary artistic techniques, and I’m not doing this to create a beautiful masterpiece for others to admire.

I just wanted to share a little bit of how I’ve been trying to develop creative ways to spend time with the Lord (because it’s been difficult for me) and how He’s been meeting me where I am.  These 3 pieces are from the past couple of weeks, inspired either from my daily quiet times in scripture and prayer, or what I’ve been reflecting a little bit on from the leadership conference I just came back from.


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