Best surprise from Nathan EVER.


First of all, I think Pentatonix is PHENOMENAL.  I could yammer on about how great of an a cappella group they are.  But that is not the point of this story.

Nathan knows I love Pentatonix and have always wanted to see them perform live.  Back in October 2013, he found out tickets for their concert was going on sale in November.  As soon as they did, he bought two tickets for the show in Buffalo and started a secret email thread with our friend John, who lives in Buffalo and with whom we had been meaning to get together.

The secret email thread hashed out plans about how this surprise would be executed.  The second email thread entailed fake dates and times that John was free or busy that Nathan forwarded to me so we could agree on a date to have lunch with John in Buffalo – which, of course, “happened” to be April 2nd, the day of Pentatonix’s concert in Buffalo.

Since Buffalo’s a little more than an hour away from Rochester, Nathan suggested that we do some work at a cafe that afternoon after lunch with John.  I said that would be fine, and didn’t think anything of it because we’d often do that together.  Nathan also suggested that we get bubble tea on UB’s campus, since we’ve been unsuccessful at finding good boba in Rochester and haven’t had any in a while.  I wanted to go to a different bubble tea place in Buffalo, but since Nathan said that he’d been to this one on campus before, I trusted his judgment.

So we got to campus, parked the car, and started wandering around.  Nathan called John to try and figure out where this bubble tea place was, and I was starting to get impatient.  It was a bit windy so I was cold, and I didn’t understand why John had led us to park so far away when there seemed to be another parking lot that was closer.

But we finally found the place and when we got the bubble tea, I was disappointed that mine actually wasn’t very good at all and now we had to take a bit of a walk back to the parking lot in the cold.

On our way back, we passed by the Center of Arts (or something like that).  “I wonder where everyone’s going,” he said, as we watched all of these people walk towards the building.  “I don’t know, it’s probably some show,” I said.  “It’s an arts building, so they probably have special shows and performances and stuff.”

Then Nathan let go of my hand and walked up to the nearest guy who was heading towards the arts building.  “Excuse me, what’s going on tonight?” Nathan asked the man.

“Oh, it’s a Pentatonix show,” the man said, “I’d never heard of them before, but my daughter dragged me out to see them.”

Pentatonix!  I thought to myself.  Just a few weeks ago I was looking up Pentatonix tickets with my friend M and saw that their whole tour was sold out.  “Oh, they’re a great group,” I piped up.

“Yeah, we got VIP passes so we got to hear them warm up.  They sound great,” he answered.

I was disgusted.  What a waste of a ticket!  This guy didn’t even know of their existence, had to be dragged to the concert, and got a VIP pass?  And yet here I was, a big fan who was ticket-less.  “Well, have fun!” I said half-heartedly, as Nathan and I continued our way to the parking lot.

“Aw man,” I said to Nathan sulkily as the car was within sight.  “I wish you hadn’t even asked him what they were seeing.  Now I’m cold, have disappointing bubble tea, and am so close and yet so far from seeing Pentatonix live.”  We got to the car.

“Well then, what if we went to the show?” Nathan asked.

“What?” I said.  “How would you do that?  I already told you it’s sold out.”  I thought that was the silliest suggestion.  I just pictured us standing at the front doors, asking people to buy their extra tickets, the way some people do at baseball games.  Oh what a glory it would have added to my evening.

“Well,” Nathan said, pulling out an envelope, “what if I bought tickets back in November and planned this whole day so that we could go see them?”

Then I suddenly burst into tears.

Now, my dear audience, if you know me well, you would know that it is very difficult to make me burst into tears if it does not involve frustration, personal conflict, or death.  I do not usually cry during movies (though, I get wet eyes) or moving books or music concerts or from deeply joyful moments.

But this was different because:

  1. It was a no-occasion gift.  It wasn’t our anniversary, wasn’t my birthday, wasn’t for any particular reason.  Nathan is not the type of person to shower me with gifts, chocolates, or flowers.
  2. The surprise went as perfectly as you possibly could.  It totally made up for our somewhat “disastrous” proposal (read as: the proposal in which I ruined my own surprise).  It was so thoughtful and well planned!
  3. I was SO excited and happy that I would have the opportunity to see Pentatonix live!

While I was still crying in shock, Nathan then also popped open our trunk and pulled out my DSLR camera, which he had stowed away when I was getting dressed this morning to get ready to leave.  He knew that I enjoyed taking lots of pictures with my DSLR during concerts and shows.

And Pentatonix definitely did NOT disappoint.  I’m pretty sure I was beaming the entire time.  It was a seated concert, so I didn’t have to worry about getting tired from standing or being blocked by a massive amount of fans.  And Nathan had gotten us great seats – orchestra seats, center stage.  Not too close and not too far.  Pentatonix was amazing, the show was entertaining, and Nathan enjoyed himself!  I even got a t-shirt to commemorate the evening.

What a great night, and a great story to go in the Bixler history books 🙂

You can check out more pictures here!


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