February discoveries.

  1. Okay, technically, I didn’t discover FitnessBlender videos in February.  I’ve been using them to work out at home ever since the snow started showing up and the temperature hasn’t gotten above 40-something degrees outside…which was way before February.  But I can go on and on about how much I love using these videos, so I had to share about them.
  2. Elsa & Anna’s coronation hair from Frozen – hands down best Disney princess hair.  I spent perhaps a good half hour playing with my hair trying to do a simple version of Elsa’s coronation hairstyle from this video.
  3. Nathan said, “You have to listen to this song,” when I came home from work one day.  We liked the contrast between the lyrics and the tone of the music.  I also immediately thought this would be a great song for Kina Grannis to cover with someone.
  4. Went out and got some fair trade, dark chocolate hazelnut spread when I came across this recipe for Nutella cream puffs.  I never made cream puffs before, but my friends thought they were a hit!  Guess I have to make them again some time, now that I have a better idea of what I’m doing…
  5. Since we moved into the new house, Nathan and I have been looking for little nightstand lamps.  Just before we found the perfect $4 lamp for me, I was considering making this DIY lamp project for myself.

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