January discoveries.

Links to things I found from my internet explorations this month that I liked:

  1. Us reminded me of my once possible dream to become a music duo with my future husband…sigh.  They are so cute together.
  2. This toothpick dispenser would be great for my all-too-often baking moments where that darned box just seems too hard to open while I’ve got the oven door open.
  3. “They can’t just make up words for worship songs,” I thought when the title slide, “Glorificate” came on the screen at a staff conference.  Then I realized the song was in Spanish.  Insert face-to-palm moment here.
  4. Watching Gracie Gold, Polina Edmunds, Mirai Nagasu, and Ashley Wagner’s free skate programs made me really miss Michelle Kwan.  I don’t find any of them as inspiring or exciting as her.
  5. I finally caught up on The Sing-Off and was a little surprised by the finale results.  Ten’s last performance of “Love on Top” was probably the only one from the whole season that really wowed me.  I don’t think any group came close to being as good as Pentatonix’s performances, though.
  6. A recipe for scallion pancake challah bread?!  Yes, please.

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