A sabbath day.

And now to show you how I spent some of my weekend to myself (read as: an introvert’s dream come true):

I finally took down the paper autumn leave cut-outs I had made for the fall season and cut out these bad boys for the winter season:

It’s never too late to bring out the paper snowflakes in Rochester.  I used scrap paper for the white snowflakes because you can’t really see the ink from the street, and I think it gives them character.  I used regular old cardstock for the colored ones.

I thought they turned out pretty well.  I don’t really like the pink one, though.  It reminds me of an ugly Power Ranger mask for some reason.

Of course, I also had to bake.  And it had to be something pumpkin because I found a couple of cans of organic pumpkin puree that’s supposed to expire this month in the pantry.  I was going to tackle my first attempt at a pumpkin pie from scratch, but I then realized that Nathan and I don’t have a rolling pin, and that’s pretty important for the crust.  And if I’m going to take a crack at my first homemade pumpkin pie, I just have to go all out and make the crust from scratch.

So, with no rolling pin at the time, I decided to make pumpkin bread instead.  Except the recipe I wanted to use called for two loaf pans, and I only have one.  Womp womp.  I decided to use an 8×8 and a 8×12 glass dish instead.

I also decided to substitute all of the sugar for honey, as I have been trying to replace honey where I can ever since I married Nathan, and I think this one turned out to be a winner.  It looked and tasted more like pumpkin cake, but it doesn’t matter.  I ate two pieces as soon as they cooled enough, and then proceeded to eat this one after I realized I wanted to take pictures.  YUM.

Pumpkin bread!
Pumpkin bread!

I mean come on, you just have to eat it after you take a picture like this, right?


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