Bienvenido! Salve! 환영!

Yes, yes, come in, come in!  Welcome to the world of Tammy Bixler.  You may be a new reader, but more than likely you’re a reader from my old blog.  It really doesn’t matter.  You are welcomed here.

I decided to start a new blog for a few reasons:

1.  I needed a general change.  I’ve had my old blog since I was a freshman in college.  You can see in my really old posts how terrible of a blogger I was.  I wrote about some dumb and vague things.  Some were decent, I guess, but I was a terrible writer.  I didn’t even use capital letters.  It’s horrendous.  I’m no longer in a season of being any form of student (in the technical sense of the word), and as I’m in a very different season than ever before, I thought I should shift my blog life likewise.

2.  I’ve been wanting to change my blog URL since FOREVER.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Fear (what would happen to my old content? my faithful readers?), change (I like consistency, okay?), and a slight identity crisis (I don’t have a blog niche!) were all reasons I didn’t make a switch.  And I just couldn’t think of a new blog name I liked.  Where the heck did my title ‘Write Away with Me’ come from?  I think I was trying to be clever with a play on words…’write away’ with ‘right away’ because I liked writing and I led a busy life?  Lamesauce.  Absolute lamesauce.

3.  I hope this will help motivate me to post more frequently.  Posting on my old blog became a little more sporadic within the last few years because I started to write less about the boring, vague, details and more during critical, stressful, and intense moments I clearly needed to unpack.  But I’m hoping the focus I’ve created with this blog will help mix it up with lighter, interest-based posts (e.g., things I’ve baked, things that make me happy, photography), along with the deeper, more thought-intense posts.

4.  Honestly?  I just wanted to try out WordPress.  They must be pretty popular for some reason.  I like some of their theme designs.  This one is clean.  And minimal.  It’s much more limiting in custom design (for free, anyway), but maybe in the future I’ll invest a little bit more in this.  We’ll see where this leads.  If I end up hating it, I’ll go back to Blogger.  No harm done.

Ready to join me on this new little journey?  Let’s go.

And yes, the title means, ‘Welcome!’ in Spanish, Latin, and Korean.  It’s a tribute to the three languages I know the basics of and enjoyed learning in middle school, high school, or college.  I thought it’d be less boring than plain ol’ English : )


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